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Did you ever just want to wiggle your nose and have your life change instantly?

Its like I want to be rich and ride around in limousines but somehow wiggling my nose doesn’t work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were just that simple! We all wander around wanting this and wanting that and constantly trying to figure out how and where we are going to get it.

Ah yes, that proverbial “golden ring” that is going to change us and make our lives so much better.

Well, where exactly is that ring?

Is it in the local jewelry store with all of the other rings or is it at the neighbor’s house where everything seems to be perfect?

Why can’t we find where that golden ring is hiding so we can claim it and have one of our own? I realize that we have all heard that you must dig deep to find your inner strength and with perseverance and determination, you can achieve anything!

But where does that inner strength come from? I think I’m persevering because I am going about my daily business and doing everything I am supposed to be doing.

But why don’t I feel like my life is as good as my friend’s life or my neighbor’s life or the person down the street?

I guess if I take a good, hard look at myself, I can see the answer.

The powers that be who say that we must dig deep within ourselves probably, unfortunately, seem to be spot on.

And fortunately or unfortunately for us, this is exactly the reason why we are always searching and searching and searching.

We do not really want to dig deep into that inner self because, in reality, we might not like what we find.

We already kind of know what is buried down there and if we dig too deep, we just may resurrect something we do not like.

It may be a buried memory, it may be a deep, painful, hurt or any one of a dozen other things we chose to hide.

So, if indeed, that “golden ring” is the perfect life you desire, be prepared because your golden ring may be a bit brassy! And, in reality, maybe a little brass isn’t too bad after all!

Individual Development as well as Advancement.  

Allowing life to change as you learn to adapt an change for the better with it is one of life’s challenges.

Not many people these days “get it” when it comes to personal change.  They read brochures on how to help themselves at the Doctor’s office, but utimately leave any knowledge about that kind of stuff on the coffee table where they found.

This blog is going to be like those brochures you find on those coffee tables: Full of information on how to abide by and follow the winds of change (in life) gracefully and grow as an individual person along the way.

Life is about change. Period.  Albert Einstein once said that that insanity is doing the same thing over and over agina and expecting a different result.  If we read into that and understand it, then Einstein also says that CHANGE IS NECESSARY.

Just like wind that must always be moving. Humans can learn to do the same.

Think about it.  In order to become POWERFUL and GREAT, wind must move and change more and more.  There is no stopping the change that it must endure to become a greater “being”.

We can can learn alot about ourselves if we follow this idea of thought.

In today’s world we are so caught up in material things and negative things.  Our newscasts are plastered with anything they think will get attention (usually always negative) and the paparazzi follow people who regularly live their lives in the spotlight and riding fancy limousines.

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that our society needs to shift focus.  They need a BIG wind of change.  A Tornado…maybe even a hurricane!  How do we change the perception of the world to turn our collaborative lives (at a global scale) to rid ourselves of the negative energy that seems to be consuming our planet?

I suppose you could start with a “life trainer” but what do they know about YOU?  Well..we are all human.  Perhaps recognizing that we are not unique while at the same time honoring the minuscule parts that make use slightly original is the key?

Rather than ramble and try to figure out how we can accept change and not have any direction in this aritcle, I’m going to start with some simple Self Improvement Skills to help us all out.

Who knows…maybe we can start changing our own lives and then change the world!

Top 3 Things to Help Improve Your Self: (Accept this wind of change and you can be a winner when things change..as they always will)

1.Say Good Bye to Comfort.  Extreme personal growth come from work. (the expenditure of energy). If you allow yourself to become too comfortable in life….then what motivation do you have to change and improve your life.  After all….change is necessary for growth and change is NOT comfortable to most people.  Not growing makes us stagnant human beings.  Reach out and be uncomfortable.  Try to be uncomfortable today and you will have grown already.

2. BUILD YOUR CELLS. The more cells you have (biologically speaking), the more change you have within your body itself.  Don’t think for a second that building body cells doesn’t impact and affect the efficiency of your mind and soul.  Start now and give yourself a weekly routine that involves building cells. Brain cells or Physical Body Cells…either one will do.  I highly recommend the body cell building known to most people as EXERCISE.  That way you won’t be a lazy limo rider.  You’ll be the awesome embodiment of your own transportation!  Walk a mile to the store rather than drive.  Why not?  It might be more fun and interesting than you could ever anticipate!

3. Follow Earth Clues.  The Earth sends us signals….It’s called NATURE.  We are, no matter how much we try to suppress it, a very real part of nature.  Our bodies were made to live here.  We’ve adapted as a species over time to be one of the most phenomenal developments this planet has seen.  Somehow, as a society, we fail to see the significance of this and we try to extend our time and ignore our Earth. Everything must sleep and rest and everything should follow their own natural cycle.  Start being more natural today by getting to bed when that sun goes down.  Stop relying on all that technology.  Challenge yourself for a week and you’ll be surprised at who you find within yourself without all that technological garbage taking up your life (I realize the irony of you reading this online though!)

I will be discussing the winds of change happening in the very earth we live in today